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Dry Ice Blasting

This service is offered at $250.00 /hr. The total job time to clean any vehicle, undercarriage or otherwise, is completely dependent on the vehicle's current condition (prior to the dry ice blasting) and the customers expectations for the end result. If you have a budget, let us know!


Please reach out to (910)208-0181 or with photos of your vehicle, for a quote. 

Deep Cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting is a "non-abrasive" cleaning process that is capable of removing even the most minor levels of contamination.

Zero Secondary Waste

Utilizing dry ice pellets as blasting media results in an end product that is not plagued with secondary waste, as the dry ice sublimates to a gas post-cleaning.

Quick Turn Around Time

Unlike some methods of cleaning, dry ice blasting does not require items to be disassembled before cleaning. This makes dry ice blasting a quick and efficient process, when compared to other methods like sand blasting and vapor honing.

Extremely Versatile

Dry Ice Blasting is safe on almost every material you can think of! Metal, plastic, rubber, glass, and even fabrics.


Unlike traditional cleaning methods, dry ice blasting does not introduce / use harsh chemicals; the process instead utilizes recycled CO2.


This process is water free! The blasting pellets are made of solid CO2, which sublimate to a gas when used, making dry ice blasting electrically safe and an end-to-end waterless solution for your cleaning needs.

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