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"Protect your investment!"

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4010 in action.jpg

Level 1 : Dinitrol 4010

Application Price Starting @ $1,500.00

( 3 hours of dry ice blasting / 3 hours of undercoating)

The Dinitrol 4010 undercoating is optimal for new vehicles, with zero existing corrosion or rust. This is a tack-free transparent / translucent coating that penetrates like a cavity wax. The application leaves behind a hard, transparent film that repels corrosion and moisture.


*This product is primarily applied to the undercarriage; however, this can be applied to the engine bay, as well.

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Level 2 : Waxoyl Hardwax

Application Price Starting @ $2,000.00

( 4 hours of dry ice blasting / 4 hours of undercoating )


Waxoyl Hardwax forms a durable, flexible, wax-based barrier that repels the elements, and more importantly, kills existing surface rust! This versitile coating is a one-step process that provides complete corrosion protection, and is best suited for vehicles that have existing rust and corrosion issues.

*Keep in mind, this is a wax-based coating and the product will NOT fully dry; it will remain tacky.

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Level 3 : Dinitrol ML & 4941

Application Price Starting @ $2,500.00

(5 hours of dry ice blasting / 5 hours of undercoating )


The Dinitrol ML & 4941 combo is the premium undercoating option for vehicles with existing rust and corrosion issues. This is a two-step application process. The ML is applied initially as a layer of corrosion protection; the product stops existing corrosion from spreading and disperses water. The product is a oil based material with excellent penetration properties. Following the ML, the 4941 is applied as the secondary layer. The 4941 is a bitumen based product, black in color; providing a robust layer of underbody corrsioin protection.


*This undercoating combination completely cures to a tack free finish; a fully hardened surface.

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